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Five great reasons to consider mediation in divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Blog, Divorce Mediation |

Divorce is among the most stressful events that a person can go through. It’s enough to separate from a loved one and give up on the hopes and dreams that were developed and held jointly; the involvement of the courts and the legal system only increases the anxiety around the process. For these and other reasons, more people are turning to mediation for divorce in Florida.

Mediation is more private

In a traditional divorce, the parties and their attorneys file documents with the court and argue their case in the presence of many others. Documents that are filed are generally a matter of public record, meaning anyone can view them. This is not the case in mediation.

Children have greater protection from conflict in mediation

One of the most painful things about divorce is how hard it is on the kids. They can go through significant trauma watching their parents fight or even being required to give testimony. Mediation may significantly reduce the burden on children.

Mediation is usually faster

Generally speaking, mediators can bring the parties to an agreement much more quickly than the courts can. This is because of the lack of formal restrictions and the flexibility of mediation.

Outcomes are more flexible in mediation

The parties in a mediated divorce have more freedom than the parties in a traditional divorce. There’s more room for coming to a reasonable agreement, and the parties can avoid the strictures of courtroom procedure.

Mediation does not eliminate the right to go to court

A mediation is not binding until the divorce agreement or other relevant document is signed. It is fully possible for a person to bring their divorce case in court if they feel the mediation has been unsuccessful.

While divorce is inherently stressful, mediation can reduce many of the anxiety-inducing elements. It may also end up costing quite a bit less as the fees and costs are much lower when the legal system is less involved. Individuals who are considering a divorce may want to ask their attorneys about mediation options.


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