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November 2018 Archives

Many divorced spouses are putting their retirement at risk

A new study published by the Center for Retirement Research confirms what many financial analysts have long suspected. Divorce has a way of adversely impacting an individual's current and future financial situation. The researchers working on this latest study determined that it's unlikely that many spouses who divorce moving forward will be able to continue to fund their current standard of living once they retire.

How nesting impacts your children after divorce

Nesting is a unique custody arrangement where you and your ex take turns living with your children. The kids themselves never have to move to a different home. If you and your spouse owned the house together when you were married, you may just keep it after the divorce and let the kids stay there.

How Florida determines the “best interests of the child”

As a Florida resident who is currently navigating your way through a separation, divorce or custody battle, you may have heard the term “best interests of the child” tossed around more than once. Florida’s family court system has the responsibility of making numerous decisions regarding custody, visitation, parental rights and so on, and those working within it often consider the “best interests of the child” when making such determinations.

It matters when the valuation of your marital assets occurs

When you and your ex decide to divorce, you're required to divide up marital assets. Each item must be appraised and assigned a valuation date before you do so. While the process involved in assigning a monetary value to your property may seem pretty straightforward, it's often not the case.

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