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How nesting impacts your children after divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Child Custody |

Nesting is a unique custody arrangement where you and your ex take turns living with your children. The kids themselves never have to move to a different home. If you and your spouse owned the house together when you were married, you may just keep it after the divorce and let the kids stay there.

This arrangement does take more work for the parents. They need to be able to communicate and cooperate, and it can be expensive. However, there are a few very positive ways it impacts the kids.

Remember, the children like their home. They like their rooms and their personal space. Divorce is an emotional time for them, and letting them stay in the house can help them through it by giving them more stability.

It also simply makes life easier. They don’t have one home that they prefer over the other. There is never the risk that they’ll forget things they need or want at the wrong house. They do not have to travel as much or spend too long in the car.

Plus, it’s not just a house to your kids. It’s their neighborhood and their friends. It’s their school and peer groups. With nesting, none of this changes at all. Your son still gets to play on the same football team; your daughter still gets to live next door to her best friend.

Is nesting right for you? It may be, or it may not. You just have to weigh all the pros and cons. If you have never considered it before, though, it at least shows you how many child custody options you have and why it’s important to look into all of them.


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