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September 2018 Archives

Consistency and communication are important for kids of divorce

School has now been in full swing throughout Florida for the past month. If behavioral or emotional problems related to you and your ex's impending or recent divorce were going to manifest themselves, your kids are likely starting to show signs of them now as everyday school pressures have begun to take hold once again.

Dividing up debts during a divorce requires negotiation

Couples who decide to divorce often concern themselves with how they're going to split up things like their homes, cars, jewelry and other valuable items. We seldom hear about which spouse is going to assume responsibility for the debts that they've amassed though. Perhaps it's rarely discussed because couples don't realize that just like their assets, any debts will have to be split up. They have to though.

3 ways to mitigate contention in a divorce

Every divorce is different. Some couples separate because they simply grow apart. Other marriages end as a result of cheating or other problems that may breed hostility. When your split stems from conflict, it can be difficult to navigate the situation and proceed with the divorce. To make this time of transition less stressful, you should look for ways to mitigate any contention that may emerge.

Divorcing women need to do a better job of financial planning

A study conducted by TD Ameritrade in 2017 highlighted how 40 percent of all marriages end in a divorce and how at least 25 percent of all seniors age 65 and older are widowed. If you're wondering what one statistic has to do with the other, it's that at least 66 percent of those belonging to both groups admitted to not having a contingency financial plan in place if one of these life-altering events occurred.

Mediation introductions: The first step in a successful mediation

If you and your soon-to-be ex have decided to finalize your divorce through mediation, you've made an excellent choice. If the process is successful, you will likely save a great deal of time and stress while reducing the emotional burden of the divorce on your family.

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