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The collaborative process and child custody

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2024 | Child Custody |

Child custody matters are some of the most complex issues that a couple has to work through when they divorce if they have minor children in the house. There are various ways to resolve the differences between divorcing spouses, one of which is the collaborative process.

The collaborative process involves both parents working to resolve matters instead of litigating them in front of a judge. Each adult has their own attorney. As with every other resolution method of child custody matters, collaboration focuses on the best interests of the children.

What are the advantages of collaboration?

One of the biggest benefits of collaboration is that the decisions being made for the children are being made by the people who know them best. They have a bit of flexibility that’s not possible when going through court. Instead of a judge who just hears a little about the children making decisions, the parents can make those decisions.

Another benefit is that the family has privacy during the collaborative process. This can be beneficial in other ways because parents are able to truly focus on the children without having to worry about what’s being said and done in court.

Collaborative processes for working through child custody matters also put the parents in a good position to be able to work as a parenting team. This is because they didn’t have to go through a contentious legal battle. The customized plan that’s established during collaboration usually sets both parents in the best position possible.

It’s critical that both parents keep their focus on setting up a parenting plan that can give the children the stability they need. Working with a legal representative who can keep the focus on the children may help to keep the collaborative process on track.


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