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What role does a Parenting Coordinator play in custody cases?

One of the reasons why couples get divorced is because their communication breaks down. It shouldn't come as a surprise that these same problems only intensify once a couple splits up. It's often difficult for former spouses to have level-headed or amicable conversations about child custody. The advent of Parental Coordination has come into play to help in instances like this.

Parenting Coordination functions like alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It is a non-adversarial dispute resolution process that may be either agreed-to by parents or court-ordered. The goal of the Parenting Coordinator (PC) is to help high-conflict parents focus on what is in the best interest of their child.

How pets may be handled in your Florida divorce case

Divorce can be like a tornado ripping through your house. Much like a hurricane, you may see it coming your way, yet you're not sure what to do to prepare for it adequately. The ending of a marriage is devastating not only for you as the couple but also for your pets.

The legal battle involved in fighting for custody of family pets can be just as contentious as a dispute between former spouses over who gets custody of the children. A Florida judge may name one spouse as the full custodial parent of the pets, or the court may award each of them joint custody instead.

What happens when a parenting plan needs to be modified?

Creating a child custody agreement takes a lot of work. When this is done, the parents have to determine what they feel is best for the child at that time. They can't think too far ahead or they may end up with a plan that doesn't work at all. One thing that parents in Florida must remember is that child custody modifications are possible.

You can't just change the custody order for any random reason. Instead, there has to be a substantial change that necessitates the modification. Of course, this doesn't mean that you and your ex can't come up with a new plan based on what your child needs. Instead, this means that if you can't agree on terms and have to turn to the court, you need to ensure that you have a valid reason for requesting the change.

How your child's special needs affect custody arrangements

Divorce can be problematic for any child, but it can be particularly so for special needs kids. Children -- especially those with unique qualities -- need consistency and routines in their daily lives.

For some children, joint custody may not be ideal because they cannot successfully adapt to having to travel back and forth between two parents' homes and adjust to various patterns and schedules. In such instances, parents may want to consider sole or a more modified joint custody scenario. A child may need to spend extended periods throughout the year in each parent's home if they have special needs rather than traveling back and forth throughout the week.

Can alimony awards be modified post-divorce?

Emotions are often running high when couples go to settle their divorces. Spouses often make rash decisions in such instances that they come to regret later. It's in situations like this a post-divorce modification may be necessary. Some of the reasons why spouses request a Fort Myers judge to take a second look at their alimony award is if the paying spouse experiences a significant decrease in their income, suffers a medical emergency or the recipient husband or wife remarries.

The spouse who makes more money is the one who pays the alimony. A judge can raise or lower payments or entirely terminate them in response to a spouse's modification request.

How domestic violence impacts your child custody rights

When it comes to child custody cases, judges are supposed to focus on what is in the child's best interest. Domestic violence accusations, even if they're unproven, can adversely impact a parent's child custody rights, though.

Florida family law judges view an accusation of domestic violence very seriously. They tend to err on the side of caution and not risk granting custody to a person that may potentially harm the child. Visitation may be limited. A judge may require that such sessions occur under the supervision of someone else as well.

Entrepreneurs seeking fairness should mediate their divorces

Researchers at the University of Minnesota analyzed U.S. divorce trends in 2014. They found that many more individuals over the age of 35 are getting divorced. The researchers also found that at least half of all U.S. residents separated or divorced when they were in their late 50s. America's start-up culture was only beginning to emerge when the researchers analyzed those divorce statistics. Media reports about entrepreneurs getting divorced have been all-too-common in recent years. There are a host of reasons why these marriages fail.

Entrepreneurs are unique from other workers in they must wear multiple hats when it comes to running their business. They often must play the role of investor, bookkeeper, sales manager and marketer in the early stages after they launch their business. These different tasks occupy the bulk of an entrepreneur's time and make it impossible for them to find a work-life balance. The other spouse often starts to feel resentment about them missing out on family time and seeks to end their marriage.

Know how to handle a toxic ex in child custody matters

Co-parenting is an ideal way for some parents to raise their children because it enables them to make joint decisions that are for the child's best interests. Unfortunately, not everyone who has split up from their child's other parent is able to handle things in this manner. An ex who is toxic or narcissistic might make this impossible.

If you're dealing with a child custody situation that is complicated because your ex isn't working with you, there are a few things that can make the predicament easier for you.

How can a forensic accountant help with your divorce?

Often, couples might think that deciding to get a divorce is the hard part. Unfortunately, ultimately one of the more challenging aspects of the dissolution process is deciding how they're going to split up their marital assets. Conversations between Florida spouses regarding who will end up with certain assets often get so complicated that both a forensic accountant and a divorce attorney have to step in to help sort things out for them.

Decisions divorcing couples have to make about how to split different types of debts like credit card bills or car payments or assets such as the house or bank accounts are relatively easy for them to make.

Some debts aren't easy for divorcing couples to split up

It's often hard for spouses to decide how to deal with the debts that they accumulated during their marriage when they choose to divorce. Some debts that couples have difficulty splitting up include the mortgage, credit card balances, medical bills and car payments.

The division of debts and assets can be complicated. How this gets dealt with varies by state. Some courts will look at what liabilities and assets the couple had before the marriage. Other states view the division of all debts and assets as being equal. Prenuptial agreements can also play a role in dictating how property gets split up.

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