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The top reasons to choose collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Blog, Divorce Mediation |

When couples in Florida struggle in their marriage, divorce might be the final solution to their issues. However, deciding on which path to take in a divorce is another important decision couples will need to make. While some couples might end up in a drawn-out court battle, other paths to divorce might better fit them. One of these paths is a collaborative divorce.

How does a collaborative divorce work?

During a collaborative divorce, each spouse works with their own lawyer and a team of other support professionals to assist them in working together to resolve financial, emotional and legal issues related to the end of the marriage. During this process, couples attempt to find solutions to their problems to protect their co-parenting relationship and remain respectful of each other.

Benefits of a collaborative divorce

Couples can receive many benefits from collaborative divorce. These benefits include:

  • Privacy and discretion as you resolve divorce issues since spouses do not need to go to court for every decision
  • Equal positions when it comes to reaching solutions to the challenges and problems of divorce
  • Incentive to resolve issues in a respectful, calm manner that supports a positive relationship post-divorce
  • Motivation to learn to work as co-parents who can continue to develop healthy relationships with their children and with each other
  • The support of professionals such as divorce coaches, financial specialists, business evaluators and tax specialists who can help you create financial solutions that will work well long-term
  • A focus on the future and what you want your lives and relationship to look like, which can be particularly beneficial for co-parents who will need to continue making joint decisions regarding the children

When couples choose a collaborative divorce, they choose to keep more control over the divorce process. They also choose to commit to a positive way of resolving issues and to put their family’s needs first. While collaborative divorce might not be the pathway for all divorcing couples, it provides a wealth of benefits for those who want to communicate healthily and successfully.


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