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The top benefits of collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Florida couples who are seeking a divorce might want to consider an alternative to court. One of those is collaborative divorce, which carries certain benefits. If you’re considering going this route, it’s important to have the facts about it.

You work with a team

With collaborative divorce, you’re able to work with your spouse to come to an agreement and settlement that works for both of you. However, it’s not only you and your spouse as you have a team of professionals who can help. Each of you has an attorney as well as financial advisors, child specialists and others who can assist you in coming to the best conclusion.

You’re in control

Unlike a litigated divorce, collaborative divorce gives you control over negotiations in all matters of concern. This means that you and your spouse get to decide the outcome on those issues and you don’t have to worry about a judge deciding them for you.

Proceedings are private

Your divorce can remain private and confidential when you use the collaboration process. This is the opposite of a traditional court divorce where everything goes on public record and takes place in a courtroom that could be packed with strangers.

It’s faster

Collaborative divorce is a much faster process than a traditional court divorce. You and your spouse dictate the timeline for your divorce. By contrast, traditional court proceedings can take months or even years, especially when there are disputes and bitterness.

It’s easier on your children

A long court divorce can be especially difficult for your children if they’re minors. Collaborative divorce can help you to work with your spouse to reach a settlement, making things easier for you and your children. It’s even possible to maintain cordial or at least respectful relationships with collaborative divorce.

It’s cheaper

Collaborative divorce is usually much cheaper than traditional divorces taking place in a courtroom. If you and your spouse are successful at reaching a settlement faster, it benefits both of you financially as you can save money.


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