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What effects does child custody have on children?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Blog, Child Custody |

If you and your ex have recently split up, you will have to determine child custody. Custody matters in Florida can be simple or complex. However, child custody can have dramatic effects on children that you might not realize.

What can children learn from joint physical custody?

With joint physical child custody, it means the child stays with you half the time and with their other parent the other half of the time. It allows them to have a shared amount of time living with each parent. However, even when they’re staying with each parent for an equal amount of time, they may put aside their emotional and even developmental needs in an attempt to accommodate you and your ex.

Many children come to the realization that they might be able to have their needs met the best with only one parent. They might even feel more comfortable being with that parent instead of with both. They may even behave differently with the other parent. It’s challenging for a child to have to act a certain way with both parents after a divorce or split.

What can happen to the child emotionally?

Emotionally, a child might feel as though they are expected to please one or both parents. Child custody can confuse them and they might act emotionally in a way that the roles have been reversed. Often, they might feel nervous, scared, anxious and overwhelmed around the parent they don’t feel more comfortable with, but it might not initially show. They might even worry about whether that parent will do all the right things for them to ensure that their needs are met when it’s their turn to have custody.

Why does child custody cause children to suffer emotional distress?

A child might feel overwhelmed due to having to relocate to another home during child custody issues. It can be confusing and give them a sense of instability when they shuffle back and forth between homes. Often, with 50/50 custody, kids get the wrong message from the parent and believe the parent wants their needs put first.

Some kids experience different symptoms as a result of this kind of child custody. Many of them, once they reach adulthood, may state that they never felt rooted since they had to go back and forth between homes for so long. They might even make the same mistakes in their own marriages.

Child custody can be more difficult for children than you might realize. Deciding on an arrangement that focuses on them can help your children cope better.


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