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Are younger couples signing more prenups?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2021 | Property Division |

In the past, many couples in Florida and around the country were reluctant to sign a prenuptial agreement. Today, more couples than ever are doing so. Instead of seeing a prenup as a “curse,” they view onee as an opportunity to protect their assets.

Why are more people signing prenups?

In the United States, nearly 40% of marriages end in divorce. As a result, young people grew up seeing the after-effects of divorce and how it destroyed their parents financially. This might be one reason that millennials are much more likely to sign prenups before they get married. A prenup could make their divorce quick and easy instead of a nightmarish legal battle.

Additionally, younger generations are more willing to admit that their marriages might end in divorce. In the past, older couples dealt with the stigma surrounding divorce. They often felt that divorce was a sign that they just hadn’t worked hard enough to save their marriage. Many people refused to sign a prenup altogether because they thought it would “curse” their marriage. Now that most of the stigma is gone, more couples are willing to admit that they might get divorced at some point.

Others have realized that prenups aren’t just for property division. They could use the prenup to protect copyrights, patents, intellectual properties and ideas that they haven’t used yet. Some people even use a prenup like a non-disclosure agreement that prevents one spouse from smearing the other after the divorce.

How do you write a prenup?

A bad prenup could be worse than no prenup at all. Before you sign your name, talk to an attorney about writing a prenup that covers everything that you want to protect. Writing a prenup also gives you and your prospective spouse the chance to lay everything out on the table and evaluate your financial situation.


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