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Why 50-50 custody can be best for many families

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Child Custody |

There are a variety of custody arrangements, with each Florida family finding the one that best suits them. In the past, children often lived with a custodial parent and had visits with their other parent. But increasingly, 50-50 custody has been the preferred arrangement for many families.

What is 50-50 custody?

50-50 custody refers to physical child custody, where children spend about equal time with each parent through the year. It also often happens that parents who share this type of joint custody also share legal custody to make decisions.

Benefits of 50-50 custody

While 50-50 custody might not be the ideal fit for families where parents live too far apart or one parent lives too far away from the children’s schools and activities, for other families this might be the best option for all involved. The benefits of 50-50 parenting include:

  • Allowing the children to continue developing their relationship with both parents
  • Allowing the children’s standard of living to continue after a divorce since they have access to both parents’ resources
  • Providing each parent with time to rest and recharge so they can continue developing their careers, interests, and other relationships
  • Providing children with their own private spaces in each parent’s home

50-50 custody might not be ideal for very young children who need access to a primary caretaker. However, just as children grow, custody arrangements can change. As well, there are a variety of ways to schedule 50-50 custody so each family can find the one that works for them.

If your family is considering 50-50 custody but is facing some challenges, remember, there are always solutions. If the child’s age is the issue, the family can wait until the child is older and then change the arrangements.


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