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Can the location where you get engaged predict your divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | High Asset Divorce |

Florida couples might be interested in the results of a new study that focuses on engagement locations to predict the chances of divorce later on. Surprisingly, both the place and the temperature at the time of the engagement seem to play a role in the results.

Romantic destinations that can throw a wrench in the marriage

The study, conducted by a British radiator and temperature specialist company, surveyed 3,465 people who had gotten divorced and looked at 12 popular engagement destinations during Spring to see if these affected the chances of a split. It found that the warmest place on the list, Tulum, Mexico, had resulted in the lowest percentages of divorces at 1%. Meanwhile, the top 5 destinations on the list, which were significantly cooler during the Spring, resulted in significantly higher rates of divorce. These included:

  • 23% of engagements in Paris ending in divorce
  • 18% of engagements in Iceland ending in divorce
  • 14% of engagements in New York City ending in divorce
  • 11% of engagements in Wales ending in divorce
  • 10% of engagements in Vancouver ending in divorce

Preparing for divorce

While not as romantic as an engagement in Paris, preparing for the possibility of a divorce is a practical matter. Couples can opt for prenups that establish separate property and other financial terms even before the marriage starts, or for postnups soon after the union. These types of agreements can save time and stress if the marriage ends, especially in a high-asset divorce, which can become quite complex. During the marriage, keeping careful records of debts and assets is also important.

If a couple does choose to dissolve their marriage, they might also choose the engage the assistance of a lawyer with family law experience. A lawyer might help their client prepare for the process, gather all necessary documents and file with the court.


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