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How ex-spouses can remain friends

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Blog, Divorce Mediation |

In some cases, after Florida couples get a divorce, they may find that while they do not make good partners, they can still be good friends. There are steps that they can take to strengthen their friendship even if they no longer want to be married to one another.

Why friendship helps

There are a number of good reasons to try to pursue a friendship or at least an amicable relationship. First, during the divorce itself, it could mean that both people are open to dispute resolution options, which can be less expensive and less stressful than going to court. If there are children, having friendly parents makes it less difficult for them to adjust to the divorce. Friendly relations also means that neither person has to lose the former in-laws as family members. Furthermore, after a long marriage ends, both people may still enjoy their shared memories.

What friendly exes do

One way for ex-spouses to reduce conflict is to simply not engage. Both individuals can make a point to try to walk away from a situation in which a fight is brewing and give one another some space. They can also show care to one another when one needs help. Some ex-spouses might find that they are able to spend time doing activities together as friends. This can be particularly helpful if they both want to attend a child’s activity, such as a sporting event or recital.

It may take time for ex-spouses to reach this point in their relationship. There might need to be a period of minimal contact, and some may never get there. For divorced parents with minor children, the focus should be on the best interests of the children. Even if they do not get along, they should try to cooperate on parenting issues.


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