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Remarriage and divorce rates

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Blog, Divorce Mediation |

When couples in Florida decide to get married, divorce is usually the last thing on their mind. However, as the divorce rate increases for each subsequent marriage a person enters, the possibility of divorce is something they need to consider.

How the past affects the present

There are many reasons why people in second and third marriages experience higher divorce rates than those in their first marriages. Some of those reasons are related to the issues they bring over from their first marriage and divorce. These include:

  • Individuals who have not gotten over the issues from a past marriage
  • Combative ex-spouses who want to cause problems in with a new relationship
  • Stepchildren who may be difficult to raise or are not welcoming to the new spouse
  • Complicated relationships with in-laws and blended, extended families

Financial issues can be complex

Money is another reason subsequent marriages have a higher rate of divorce. Money issues can complicate any relationship, but with second or third marriages, overcoming these issues may be more challenging because they can also often involve the past. In some cases, a new spouse may resent the alimony or child support payments his or her spouse must make each month that the person perceives is affecting the quality of their lives. In other cases, a second spouse may be concerned that he or she is the one supporting the couple as his or her husband or wife needs to make payments to his or her ex or children. When it comes to money, even planning for the future may be affected when support payments are involved, which can be a contributing factor to the end of a marriage.

Not all subsequent marriages end in divorce. However, if you find yourself struggling through the many issues that can arise in a second or third marriage, you may wish to consult with a family law attorney to explore the options that are available.


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