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Busting myths about prenups

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Property Division |

People in Florida likely know that about half of American marriages end in divorce. There are many different ways to try to make a marriage work. Some officiants require couples to attend premarital counseling before the ceremony. One other strategy that couples are increasingly pursuing is a prenuptial agreement.

Why use a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements first became common knowledge in American culture during the 1990s. At the time, they were often viewed with skepticism, if not disdain, by many people. Prenups seemed unromantic. Why enter into a lifelong marriage under such a cloud? In some cases, the idea of a wealthy spouse demanding a less-wealthy partner sign one seemed borderline abusive.

The truth is that prenups aren’t just for people of high net worth. When they’re drafting a prenup, couples have to deal with serious issues like finances and family planning that are often a source of conflict in marriages. Talking these things out beforehand, while the partners still like each other, is a great idea. Some professionals even believe that it can make a relationship stronger.

What gets divided in a prenup?

During a divorce, the property division process divides a couple’s assets. Liabilities are split up, too. When a prenuptial agreement is written carefully to divide assets and debts in advance, it’s a contract that will stand up in court and do most of the work for the judge. A well-crafted prenup can really streamline the process of a divorce should a marriage not work out.

Anyone interested in a prenup may want to contact an experienced attorney to learn more about the process. Investing in a prenup now may help save time and money later.


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