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A collaborative divorce yields many benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Blog |

Divorcing couples in Florida do not need to always take a contentious route to the end of their marriage. There are other options, such as collaborative divorce, that allow couples to negotiate and come to an agreement in a more peaceful environment.

What is a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce happens when a couple works together to reach a divorce settlement without fighting it out in court. It can be achieved by couples who agree on the division of property and child custody and support and who only need to hire a legal professional to create the documents that must be approved by the judge. But it can also be achieved by couples who do not agree on all these matters but are willing to negotiate and want to avoid a court battle. In that situation, each party hires a lawyer who has been trained in collaborative divorce and then both parties and their lawyers meet during negotiations. The process of collaborative divorce can also include the assistance of other professionals such as accountants and child custody specialists. Finally, they only need to go to court for final approval of their agreements.

The benefits of collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce results in many benefits for both parties. These benefits include:

  • A simpler end of marriage process
  • A voluntary exchange of documents and information during the process
  • A shorter time-frame to negotiate the different aspects of the divorce
  • A less expensive divorce, as there is no drawn-out court battle

An additional benefit of working together to reach a divorce agreement is that both parties can remain respectful of each other, without compromising their moral values or dignity. This might also help the couple if they need to work together post-divorce, such as in raising their children. Couples might choose to pursue collaboration from the beginning or later during the divorce process.


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