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What are the pros and cons of sole legal custody?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Child Custody |

Aiming for sole legal custody can have its benefits for parents in Florida. Once a parent has sole legal custody of their child, they can raise their child and make decisions without dealing with input from their former spouse. However, getting sole legal custody can also have its drawbacks.

What are the benefits of getting sole legal custody?

Sole legal custody is an important part of discussions about child custody. When a parent has sole legal custody, they can make legal decisions for their child without talking to the other parent. This includes decisions regarding health care and education.

For some parents, this is the best option. They can make decisions for their child without dealing with an abusive former spouse. Additionally, they can make decisions quickly and easy without having to get in touch with the other parent. It’s also less confusing for the child and provides more stability.

What are the drawbacks of getting sole legal custody?

If the parent has to make a lot of legal decisions, having sole legal custody can be overwhelming. For example, if their child has a serious illness, they won’t be able to hand off responsibility to the other parent for a while. This can also be stressful for the other parent when it comes to legal matters. If the child sees that their other parent isn’t active in their life, they might resent them or withdraw from them.

Where can a parent go for legal advice?

When dealing with complicated matters like child custody modifications, a parent might wish to hire an attorney. The attorney may be able to offer guidance and help them make the best possible decisions for their child. Their attorney may also help them pursue sole legal custody in court.


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