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What to consider before seeking a collaborate divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Uncategorized |

The process of divorce has a reputation for being stressful, unnecessarily lengthy and expensive. While this can be the case for some divorces, the negative aspects of divorce can be effectively avoided when both spouses are willing to work together and collaborate.

For this reason, collaborative divorces have become increasingly popular in recent years. They help to preserve an amicable relationship between divorcing spouses while keeping costs low and minimizing toxicity and stress. If you’re interested in going through a collaborative divorce, first conduct thorough research to make sure it’s right for your situation. The following are some things to consider before seeking a collaborative divorce.

You have to be willing to compromise

If you only want an outcome that is completely on your terms when it comes to asset division and child custody, it’s likely that a collaborative divorce will not be right for you. You must engage in the process with the expectation that you will need to make compromises and see your divorcing spouse’s point of view.

You’ll need to have a working relationship with your divorcing spouse

It’s necessary that you are able to discuss things sensibly and rationally with your divorcing spouse. If you both carry a lot of anger and resentment that you are unable to get past, or if one of you is determined to seek revenge, a collaborative divorce will likely not work for you. However, those who are willing to work together for a mutually beneficial solution tend to have positive results.

You’ll need to exchange necessary information voluntarily

In a contested divorce, the courts will demand that certain information is exchanged. However, in a collaborative divorce, all information will be voluntarily exchanged. There should be some level of trust between divorcing spouses for this reason.

If you see the benefits of collaborative divorce but you are unsure whether it’s right for your situation, look further into the topic and explore the options that you have so that you can get the best possible outcome for yourself.


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