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Entrepreneurs seeking fairness should mediate their divorces

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Divorce Mediation |

Researchers at the University of Minnesota analyzed U.S. divorce trends in 2014. They found that many more individuals over the age of 35 are getting divorced. The researchers also found that at least half of all U.S. residents separated or divorced when they were in their late 50s. America’s start-up culture was only beginning to emerge when the researchers analyzed those divorce statistics. Media reports about entrepreneurs getting divorced have been all-too-common in recent years. There are a host of reasons why these marriages fail.

Entrepreneurs are unique from other workers in they must wear multiple hats when it comes to running their business. They often must play the role of investor, bookkeeper, sales manager and marketer in the early stages after they launch their business. These different tasks occupy the bulk of an entrepreneur’s time and make it impossible for them to find a work-life balance. The other spouse often starts to feel resentment about them missing out on family time and seeks to end their marriage.

Finances are another issue that often becomes a problem in an entrepreneur’s marriages. Many of these businesspersons invest their life savings to get their ideas off the ground. Entrepreneurs put their family in a financially precarious situation whereby they have to live a more menial lifestyle when they do this.

It can be quite challenging for couples to split up their property when at least one of the spouses is an entrepreneur. Judges often assign a value to the start-up that’s more aligned with its projected sales as opposed to what it is now. Entrepreneurs have found themselves indebted to their ex-spouse because of this.

Financial matters are often tricky for Florida couples to sort out when they divorce. These conversations are even harder for entrepreneurial couples when the projected value of their Fort Myers company doesn’t meet its current one. A divorce mediation attorney can introduce you to a new approach for splitting up your property when traditional methods don’t seem appropriate.


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