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Don’t let these child support myths fool you

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2020 | Uncategorized |

There are plenty of myths about divorce and custody that need to be debunked before you start going through the process yourself. These myths can be harmful and make it difficult for you to know what is actually to be expected.

Here are several of the most common child support myths that people still spread today. Getting the right information from your attorney will help you better understand your actual obligations.

Myth #1: You don’t have to pay support if you share custody

This is a major myth that you should realize is not true. While there might be cases where two people decide not to exchange support and share custody relatively equally, most divorcing parents will find that one parent does have to pay at least some support.

Myth #2: You can stop paying as soon as your child turns 18

This is another myth that is damaging. The reality is that you might still need to pay support after your child turns 18. For example, if they are still in high school, it’s likely you’ll need to continue to pay. There are various situations where the support you provide will need to continue past the age of 18, so it’s something to discuss with your attorney.

Myth #3: If you don’t get support before your child is 18, you’ll never be able to collect

That’s not exactly true. If you have a court order for support that isn’t paid by the responsible parent, then you can pursue that support for as long as it takes to get it. In most cases, there is no statute of limitations, so you can seek back support even after your children are grown adults.

These are just three of many myths that exist involving child support. It’s smart not to listen to hearsay and rumors about what you’ll end up paying or receiving in child support. Myths like these are harmful and can make you or the other parent believe in rules that simply don’t exist.

Every child support case is different, and your situation may vary from others. For most people, it’s necessary to cover your children’s expenses until they’re at least 18, to pay on time or pack back support until it’s paid off, and to pay support as a higher-earning parent, even if you share custody.

Your Fort Myers attorney will be able to discuss your situation with you, so you know what you should expect.


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