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Help your child cope with your divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Uncategorized |

The divorce process can weigh on everyone involved, especially children of divorcing parents. Therefore, parents must be aware of this and execute measures to aid their children through the process.

Children cope with a divorce in different ways. However, there are a few core actions parents may perform to aid their children through a divorce.

Be patient

Just as it is for you, divorce is a major life change for your child as well. Along with the divorce, your child also experiences the growing pains of getting older, discovering him or herself, and figuring out his or her place in this world. Creating a safe space to discuss all these growing pains is vital.


Many children blame themselves for their parents’ divorce. Parents must make it clear that the separation is between the adults and that the child is not a contributor. Constantly affirming the child and reminding him or her that both parents still love him or her can be helpful.

Seek expert help

Knowing your child’s character and habits can help in determining her or his needs in regards to navigating the divorce process. Children who are self-soothing or problem solvers may be able to cope with the divorce process quite well on their own. On the other hand, children who are people pleasers or withdrawn may need extra support outside of the family unit. Seeking the guidance of a psychologist or counselor may be beneficial for the individual child and the family as a unit.

Though it is not an easy process for anyone, getting through the divorce process together as a family can aid a child in coping with the change. Therefore, parents should strive to work together when possible for the best interest of the child.


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