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What can you do so you and your ex remain friends post-divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Divorce Mediation |

When many couples decide to divorce, one thing that gives them the most anxiety is envisioning fighting about sharing custody of the kids or finances. If you go into divorce negotiations with realistic expectations and a game plan in mind, then it’s possible to resolve your differences in a relatively amicable fashion.

If you have kids, then first and foremost you should never talk badly about your ex in front of them. Your children aren’t your girlfriends or your referee. You, therefore, shouldn’t share your personal thoughts with them and you shouldn’t place the burden on them of choosing sides between one parent or the other.

Aside from child custody, money matters tend to be the next biggest issue that divorcing couples fight over.

If possible, you and your ex may want to try reaching an agreement about how to share custody of your kids first before attempting to discuss how you’re going to divide up your finances. Couples who choose to do it the other way around run the risk of their child being used as a pawn in exchange for certain monetary concessions being made.

Whenever possible, you should always rely on mediation as the way to resolve your divorce.

One of the main differences between working with a Fort Myers mediator versus litigating your case in court is that it allows you and your ex to maintain more control over how your divorce settlement looks in the end. When a Florida judge is asked to preside over a divorce case, they’re ultimately the one who makes the decisions.

If you and your ex are ready to move on with your lives, yet find yourselves unable to reach agreements about child custody or finances, then you maybe should try a new approach to resolving your differences in your case. An attorney can share with you how alternative dispute resolution is both cost-effective and ideal for helping you maintain a respectful relationship with your ex moving forward.


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