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What are the pros and cons of pursuing divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Divorce Mediation |

Negotiating a divorce settlement via mediation is a desirable option for many. High-profile couples tend to prefer to try to settle their divorces via mediation in order to keep their personal affairs, including finances and custody arrangements, private. Others tend to pursue mediation because they have a lot of assets to sort though or because they’ve heard that it makes a divorce a lot less stressful on the kids.

While there are many benefits associated with mediating a divorce settlement, there are some couples that may not be cut out to resolve their issues via mediation. Instead, it may be necessary for them to litigate their differences instead.

One of the more obvious signs that mediation may not be the best way for you or your ex to resolve your differences is if either of you is completely resistant to hearing the other person’s perspective on issues and taking them into consideration.

Along that same token, if you are unable to comprehend that your ex may have had a different perspective from you, then you also may have difficulty working out your differences and reaching an agreement at the mediation table.

Spouses plagued with the inability to express themselves and their preferences may quickly be turned off by divorce mediation. They may feel as if all decisions are being made for their ex’s benefit unless they find their voice, speak up about what they want and otherwise advocate for their own interests.

This is one of the reasons that mediation oftentimes doesn’t work for couples that have been involved in violent relationships. In such cases, the victim tends to be unable to get it out of his or her head that he or she can speak up after having been put in his or her place and told not to do so many times before.

Couples looking to rush to the finish line and quickly finalize their divorces may not appreciate the pace at which mediation moves. There’s often no set timeline for how quickly spouses will be able to reach an agreements.

Those spouses looking for an inexpensive way to settle a divorce may not find that mediation isn’t the answer. It can allow you to resolve your differences more economically than in a courtroom.

If you’re separated and are having difficulty working out a settlement to end your marriage, then a Fort Myers attorney can help.

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