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Why are high profile divorce announcements slow to occur?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

Let’s face it — there’s a big difference in how an average couple’s divorce is handled in comparison with a high-profile celebrity divorce.

One big difference between these two types of divorces is how and when notification of the impending divorce is made.

Often, at least one of the two well-known spouses is extremely busy with his or her career. It’s because of this that the celeb may enlist the help of a personal assistant, secretary or attorney to handle the details of the dissolution of the marriage.

At the same time, if a high net worth individual’s spouse files for divorce, he or she may first pass it by friends, their hairdresser, stylist and everyone but their spouse before finally filing a petition with the court. Often, many others have heard about the impending divorce before the person being served with the petition has.

In some high-profile divorces, it’s not even completely up to the couple to decide when to announce their separation or divorce. Instead, the date is carefully selected by a talent agent, manager or publicist.

Choosing when to end a marriage publicly has a lot to do with not overshadowing other important news going on in a person’s life. Delaying the public announcement of a separation or divorce may allow the couple time to adjust to their new living circumstances or try to negotiate a settlement beforehand. In some cases, couples use this delay to their advantage to control the way their divorce story is shared with others.

Regardless of when high-profile couples ultimately announce their separation, celebrity divorces are notorious for taking a long time to finally draw to a close. Significant time is spent negotiating agreements regarding child and/or spousal support and custody. Couples can bicker over ownership of homes, cars, artwork and other expensive assets.

Negotiations also take time, especially if a prenup exists that limits one spouse’s right to receive alimony or certain marital assets.

If you’re considering divorcing your ex and you’re concerned about how that will impact your lifestyle, a Fort Myers high asset divorce attorney can provide necessary guidance.

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