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Is mediation ideal for your complex divorce case?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Divorce Mediation |

Some divorcing couples tend to steer clear of mediation because they believe that their issues with their exes are far too complicated to be able to settle via that approach. Others have powerful spouses that they’re afraid will monopolize the negotiations and not allow them to get a word in edgewise.

Others think they get along so poorly with one another and have so many difficulties in reaching a consensus with one another that mediation would be a lost hope for them.

Surprisingly, divorce mediation may actually be a good solution to pursue in these situations

Mediation is ideal for attempting to resolve some of the most complex divorce cases. Often, the more involved a case is, the more time it takes to resolve.

If you take a complex case to court, it’s likely that the judge won’t give the two of you as much time as you’d like to fully hash out your issues or concerns. Court time is at a premium, and the two of your could wind up arguing in an alcove at the courthouse while the attorneys’ billable hours accrue.

Mediation tends to be more intensive and allows couples to reach accord faster. If necessary, outside experts such as forensic accountants can be brought in to make sense of the most complex matters.

Mediators are professionally trained to give both spouses an opportunity to speak their minds and, if on the off chance that doesn’t happen, either spouse can pull the plug on the negotiations.

Former couples who have a long history of difficulty reaching agreements with one another have a high rate of success finding solutions to most matters through mediation. If they don’t, a short break may be in order before attempting to reconsider the matters.

Some, mediators are also therapists, attorneys or former judges conditioned to broker negotiations between parties using a levelheaded approach. This often calms negative emotions that may have once existed between couples.

If you’re having trouble reaching an agreement with your ex about your divorce, mediation could bring about the resolution you’re seeking.

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