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3 benefits of collaborative divorce in Fort Myers

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2018 | Blog |

Although divorce is by its very nature an emotionally challenging time, not all divorces have to be full of conflict and drawn-out legal battles. There are alternative ways to approach divorce in Fort Myers, and a collaborative divorce is one of these ways.

There are several important benefits to seeking a collaborative divorce. If you are looking for a divorce that helps you find shared solutions with your spouse, the collaborative process is one that you should explore and learn more about. Here are three benefits to this process.

1. Cost-effective

Going through a divorce can be an extremely expensive ordeal. When couples enter into a contested divorce, legal fees can quickly mount as the dispute escalates and the divorce decisions play out in the courtroom. A collaborative divorce, on the other hand, helps the spouses limit exorbitant costs because the couple works together to find shared solutions and thus avoids a prolonged battle that costs many hours of legal billing. In some cases a collaborative divorce can cost as little as one-fourth of what a court-litigated trial divorce may cost, significantly reducing expenses.

2. Reduced trauma and stress for children

If you have children, a conflictual divorce can wreak havoc on their well-being. In a collaborative divorce, you can put your children’s best interests in the forefront by maximizing the possibility of finding shared solutions that work for both you and your spouse. This collaboration inevitably benefits your children, reducing their exposure to conflict and emotionally traumatic situations.

3. Maintain control over decisions

The collaborative process allows couples to come to shared agreements on important decisions that a judge would otherwise decide on in a courtroom. Lawyers in this process help their clients achieve a settlement that satisfies both spouses, through interest-based negotiating principles. Keeping control over decision-making can ultimately lead to solutions that will benefit the couple in the long-term future.


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