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Mediators can help in brokering an end to your marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Divorce Mediation |

Husbands or wives who contact a mediator to step in and resolve their divorces have a variety of expectations.

Some couples who are not able to have any semblance of a civil conversation with one another somehow think that a mediator can make one spouse want to communicate with the other.

In other cases, couples may reach out to a mediator after they’ve essentially already reached a settlement in their divorce. They’ll oftentimes contact the mediator, expecting the mediator help them draft their final agreement to be submitted to the court.

Both of the aforementioned cases may be better suited for a divorce attorney to take care of instead of a mediator.

Alternatively, getting a divorce mediator involved may be ideal if you two have reasonable expectations. If you’re looking for a unbiased, third party to guide you through splitting up your assets or to help you reach a child custody or support agreement, then a mediator may be able to help.

Divorce mediators thrive on helping couples communicate more effectively using a nonconfrontational approach. Their sole goal is to help you reach a comprise that you two can feel comfortable with.

Mediators are specially trained to keep conversations on target, especially among divorcing couples where one spouse often knows what the other’s trigger points may be.

It’s important, though, that both partners who come to the negotiation table, do so with the same goal, to reach a resolution on their divorce. Working with couples where one wants to continue working on the relationship and the other is ready to move forward with ending it is not ideal, as it’s going to be difficult to gain any ground.

Couples shouldn’t think of of the mediator as replacing his or her divorce attorney. While mediators are trained to meticulously address all matters that may need to be negotiated in a divorce, attorneys may advise clients of benefits of making certain choices versus others.

Additionally, you’ll likely need an attorney to help see your divorce to conclusion once your mediator-brokered agreement has been submitted to the court.

If you’re separated from your spouse and you’re looking to broker an end to your marriage, then a Fort Myers divorce mediation attorney can provide guidance in your case.


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