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Agreeing with you ex as to how to raise your child is important

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2018 | Child Custody |

When it comes to parents making child custody arrangements, one of the most common issues that exes fail to realize is the importance of having standardized “house rules” in place for their child to follow at both homes.

Legal experts argue that if parents would simply speak with one another and agree to implement certain rules and make concessions on others, divorce mediation would move a lot faster for them. Their kids would likely have a much easier time coping with traveling between each parent’s home and behave more consistently as well.

If possible, the two of you should meet in person to work out your house rules. You may even choose to invite your child along to provide his or her input.

One important rule you’ll want to address first is your child’s bedtime. This is something that the two of you will definitely want to reach a compromise about. Other ground rules you may want to reach an agreement on include how you’ll allow your child to dress, how much they’ll be allowed to use electronic devices or eat junk food.

If, for some reason, the two of you seem to be having difficulty in reaching a consensus when it comes to rules, then you two may benefit from taking a parenting class. There, you’ll likely learn how your inability, as parents, to act civil around another or to provide consistency for your child may impact him or her as he or she grows into adulthood.

When your child sees you two working together with one another to reach a compromise, this sets a good example for what he or she should do in his or her own lives.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding how your relationship ended off, resolving differences alone between the two of you may not be possible. Instead, you may need a nonbiased, third party such as a mediator to help walk you though the process. In instances in which abuse is a concern or one parent is particularly unwavering, litigating your custody matter in court in front of a judge may be even more ideal.

If you’re having difficulty reaching an agreement with your ex over how you should raise your kids now that you’re divorced, then a Fort Myers attorney can provide guidance in your case.


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