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Understand mediation before your first session

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

One of the options that you have for resolving the terms of your divorce is mediation. If you choose this option, you and your ex will have control over who gets what and other terms of the divorce. You will work together to decide the exact terms. This option is a feasible one for many people, including those who don’t exactly get along.

The main point that you should remember about mediation is that you work with a mediator. The mediator helps you and your ex to keep the conversation on track and work through the issues that apply to your divorce. The mediator can even serve as a go-between so that you and your ex never have to speak directly to each other throughout the the course of the negotiations.

You have to into the mediation sessions with the intent of negotiating. You should know what points you can be flexible on and which ones you aren’t willing to budge on. It might help you to make a list of each point so that you have it to refer to if you need during each session.

If you and your ex can’t work things out through mediation, you can move to the trial process. This would put the court in charge of making the decisions. You should think carefully about this because you and your ex wouldn’t have any control over what happens.

Working things out through mediation can often end the process much faster. Once the terms are agreed upon, the terms are presented to the court and will become final upon the court’s approval.

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