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Prenuptial agreements can strengthen high asset marriages

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2016 | High Asset Divorce |

When one or both members of a couple entering marriage are bringing significant assets to the table, a prenuptial agreement is always a wise consideration. There is unwarranted public stigma surrounding prenuptial agreements, stemming from an incomplete understanding of all the things that a prenuptial agreement can cover. A well-crafted prenuptial agreement can truly strengthen your marriage by predefining some boundaries that can simplify many of the problem areas married couples encounter.

Often members of the couple are bringing complicated business or family obligations with them. Prenuptial agreements can solve some frustrations before they even arise by defining which assets should be allocated for a spouse, and which should be protected for other parties such as children from a previous marriage. It is also possible to use prenuptial agreements to keep one spouse’s resources from being drained by the other spouse’s debts from a previous marriage. Likewise, an inheritance from one side of the couple’s family can be protected from division upon death or divorce, removing pressures that may strain relationships with inlays and other extended family members.

Prenuptial agreements do not only apply to divorce, but can also plan for the possibilities of the death or disability of a spouse, or define the obligations of partners for each other’s debt. Preparing for these unfortunate possibilities removes a great deal of anxiety if and when they do occur. Similarly, choosing which debts a couple will hold jointly and which will be held separately can keep the stresses of those debts from affecting the relationship at the heart of the marriage.

Crafting your prenuptial agreement is an excellent way to set yourself up for a lasting, loving marriage when it is done with the care of your spouse in mind. An experienced prenuptial attorney can help you and your spouse work together create the perfect agreement to ensure your marriage begins from a place of love and strength.


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