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Giants cornerback seeks to block womens’ petition for more money

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Child Custody |

In March of this year, Janoris Jenkins signed a lucrative five-year, $62 million deal with the New York Giants. According to a recent filing with a Florida court, he said his economic bracket hasn’t changed much.

Two women filed for a modification of child support. In April and May the petitions were filed in Palm Beach County. Jenkins’ petition states, “Father denies that all relief requested in this petition should be ordered temporarily in this action.”

One mother’s petition wants the increase child support so that Jenkins can pay for private school. In addition, she asked that an extra 5 percent be added on because she alleges that Jenkins hasn’t spent any time with the child. One child was born in 2009 and the other was born in 2010.

The same attorney is representing both women.

The original paternity settlement in 2013 had Jenkins paying each woman $4,000 a month in child support. His income was listed as $84,000 a month. Last year, his salary was $660,000 playing for the St. Louis Rams. However, the football player also pocketed a $410,498 roster bonus.

A child support modification can be requested by either parent as long as there has been a significant change in circumstances for at least one parent. An experienced lawyer can help you learn more about modifications and what other legal options you may have. If the other parent is in arrears on child support payments, a lawyer can also help you learn about various collection methods that are possible. It is best to work now rather than later to solidify your standing in court on child support matters.

Source: New York Daily News, “Giants’ Janoris Jenkins files court response after baby mamas request increase in child support,” Christian Red, June 15, 2016


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