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Later in life divorces: Why the upward trend?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2016 | Uncategorized |

According to a study on divorce conducted at Bowling Green University in Ohio, more and more baby boomers are seeking a divorce than ever before.

The study has prompted media attention, forcing many to ponder the reasons behind the rise.

The data from the study revealed that individuals age 50 and older are twice as likely today to get divorced than those in that same age group 20 years ago. And, that percentage is even higher for those over 65 years of age.

There are several possible explanations behind the trend in later-in-life separations.

Age expectancy

Today’s advanced medical procedures and technological advances have increased the lifespan of Americans. Those married 25 years or more may be pursuing divorce if there is likely another 30+ years of life to spend with an individual they may not be happy with.

Divorce perception

In today’s age, divorce is no longer stigmatized as it might have been in some areas of the country a few decades ago-particularly among older individuals. Couples may be taking the leap without fear of potential shame.

Workforce balance

Today, there are more and more dual earning households than in years past. Many more women today are in sustainable, fulfilling careers-oftentimes earning more than their husbands. Women may not feel trapped in a marriage with such independency.

When it comes to the shift in divorce rates for older individuals, the list of reasons are endless. But one thing is certain: older individuals contemplating divorce after many years of marriage should know they are not alone.

Those thinking about divorce are encouraged to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can offer guidance on the best solution for individual circumstances.


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