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Dissolving your marriage is a nice way of saying divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2016 | Property Division |

In Florida, a divorce is commonly known as “dissolution of marriage.” Getting your marriage “dissolved” can be wrenching. The person you thought was the love of your life and that you would grow old next to is leaving and you aren’t even getting along anymore, much less communicating. Knowing your rights under the law is important at such a time as this.

Florida has abolished fault as a ground for divorce. The one requirement that you must prove in order to dissolve your marriage is that it is irretrievably broken. Either one of you can file for divorce. The one filing becomes the plaintiff and the one being filed on is the defendant. Of course, you have to prove that you were legally married in order to get a divorce so a marriage certificate will need to be in evidence.

There is a residency requirement in the state of Florida. One of you must have lived in Florida for six months at least in order to file. This holds true for military members as well.

The reason that the marriage broke down may be considered, and under certain circumstances, may be a factor in deciding on alimony, property and debt distribution and who gets custody of the children involved in this dissolution.

Because the facts, people and circumstances vary from case to case, each one is different and needs special attention by a legal professional who has been in this business long enough to have the knowledge necessary to help you get what you rightly deserve.

There really is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to a divorce. They are all different and should be handled carefully and thoughtfully. Your attorney will be able to provide legal help when it is needed most.

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