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Divorce mediation is a better way to separate

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

When you get a divorce, sometimes it can be emotionally draining and acrimonious. The children suffer because all the two of you do is argue. There is a better way. Collaboration, or divorce mediation can bring about the results that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse want.

Lots of people just want to get together with their spouse and decide who gets what, when the kids are visiting and who has full custody of them. They want to avoid the fuss and fluster of a litigated divorce that goes before a judge.

To make this happen, the attorneys at Thompson Family Law, P.A., will listen carefully to your story and guide you to a good decision. One of the first things they will do is contact your spouse to see if he or she is willing to go through mediation. After this, the attorney for your spouse and your attorney will need you both to sign a contract stating that you are entering into this mediation willingly and with the outcome to be peaceful and acceptable by all.

One of the stipulations in this type of divorce is that, if it doesn’t work out, you can still go to court and have a judge decide all the important decisions for you. This may not have the outcome that you desire, so going into the mediation with an open mind will help.

Collaborative divorce is refreshing and diplomatic compared to the traditional way of divorcing. The goal is to find a solution to each question that everyone can be happy with.

We will be there every step of the way and, with our vast experience in divorce mediation, the chances are great that you and your family can avoid the messy and often harmful divorce in a court of law. We bring in professionals, such as child specialists, accountants and financial planners in order to examine all the documentation and reach a fair and true settlement for everyone involved.


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