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Understanding The Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce In Florida

Many people going through a divorce simply want to get a plan put together and find solutions that work for both parties, avoiding the hassle and stress of litigation. The most effective way to achieve that goal is by working with experienced family law attorneys through a collaborative divorce.

Extensive Collaborative Divorce Experience

At Thompson Family Law, P.A., in Fort Myers, we have extensive experience in collaborative divorce. Our attorneys have been helping our clients reach positive resolutions in their cases through collaboration. To learn more about how we can help you reach your goals without resorting to litigation, call 239-243-9297 or toll free 888-550-6071.

Achieving A Result Everyone Can Be Happy With

Lawyers who have experience with collaborative divorce and litigation say the collaborative approach is a refreshing alternative to being adversarial and battling it out in court. In a collaborative divorce, you will get to work as a team to determine the outcome rather than leaving the result up to a judge who has no personal stake in the result.

The Only Incentive In A Cooperative Divorce Is To Settle

The only motivation in a collaborative divorce is to achieve a result everyone can be happy with. You, along with your spouse, will sign a contract with your lawyers agreeing to settle all issues without litigation. If you fail to do so, or you decide you want to litigate, the attorneys will withdraw from the case.

Using this team approach, we also bring in professionals such as child specialists, accountants and financial planners in order to reach as fair a settlement as possible for you and your children.

Are You Ready For Dispute Resolution You Can Live With?

To discuss how you and your children can benefit from a collaborative divorce, contact us today to speak to an attorney.