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Alimony determination and how that happens

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2015 | Alimony |

When a divorce is imminent, thinking about alimony may be at the top of the list for either party involved. This is defined as money paid from one spouse to the other for support and maintenance when a divorce occurs.

Alimony can come in many different ways such as a lump-sum payment or monthly allowance over a short time while the other spouse gets on his or her feet; it can even be lifetime payments made monthly. This type of payment is meant to prevent one spouse from suffering a drastic change in his or her standard of living in the case of a divorce.

The attorney team at Thompson Family Law, P.A., located in Fort Myers, Florida, is known for their experience in dealing with this aspect of divorce. We will listen carefully to your side of the story, gather the facts through research and tell you what your options are.

Payments are made to the receiving spouse in a number of ways, as mentioned before. One way, permanent support, gives the spouse enough money over his or her lifetime to provide for necessities like food, transportation and a home to live in. If this person remarries, the alimony payments stop. Otherwise, they will continue until his or her death.

Rehabilitative alimony is meant to help the receiving spouse get in a position to support him or herself. Many times, this sort of payment is for schooling, training or vocational purposes.

“Bridge the gap” alimony is used to assist one of the spouse’s with identifiable, short-term needs that make a lump sum payment viable. The time limit on this type of alimony is two years and the amount cannot be modified at all.

There are other types of alimony and we can help you understand which one, if any, is right for you in your situation.


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