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Attorney needed when alimony is in quesiton

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2015 | Alimony |

If you are getting a divorce, there may be alimony awarded. Alimony, simply put, is support money paid from one spouse to another after the divorce is final. It can be a lump-sum payment or payments made over a period of time determined by the court. It is supposed to help one spouse from suffering a drastic change in his or her standard of living.

In the Fort Myers, Florida, area, Thompson Family Law is well known for working closely with their clients while they are going through the difficult process of divorce. We do our best to take care of alimony and other issues that arise. You need to be focusing on what comes next, not on who gets what property.

There are many different types of alimony. The first is permanent support. This type of payment schedule goes on for the life of either spouse. In other words, when one or the other spouse dies, the support ends. It will also cease if the receiving spouse gets married again. If one spouse didn’t work for a long period of time and was taking care of the home and children, then permanent alimony may be the ruling of the court.

Rehabilitative alimony is a second option that the court may provide for one spouse from the other. This is often awarded while the receiving spouse is in college or vocational training and will end once that schooling is done. It does not terminate if the receiving spouse gets married.

Bridge the gap support is used to assist one spouse with any legitimate short-term needs and a lump sum payment seems reasonable.

There are other types of alimony that you need to know about. Calling an attorney at Thompson Family Law is a good starting point if you are looking to establish alimony in your case or are trying to modify an existing alimony order.


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