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Florida divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

Mediation can be a cost-effective and less contentious way to come to an agreement in a Florida divorce case. Many couples are able to reach negotiated agreements in order to settle their divorces and avoid drawn-out litigation in court. When a couple opts to try mediation, there are several things about which they should be aware.

Mediators are trained to skillfully listen to both parties in order to help them reach an agreement. They are neutral and will not take sides. A person should thus not get upset if the mediator empathizes with their spouse as well as with them, as that is simply mediators doing the job they are supposed to do. The questions mediators will ask are not indicative of them making judgments, but rather are simply for them to be able to gather information they need.

A person may help the mediation process by also listening intently, validating and empathizing. Doing so may help them reach an agreement that is acceptable and fair to both them and their spouse. This does not mean the person should necessarily back down, but approaching mediation in a mature manner can simply help the mediation to be a successful one.

Dispute resolution through divorce mediation is an excellent alternative for many people. Mediation is much quicker than the court litigation process, and it can help people lessen the emotional conflicts often involved with most divorces. If an agreement is reached in mediation, the agreement can then be submitted to the court. The court will then issue the agreement as its order in the divorce decree. If an agreement cannot be reached, the couple can then continue through with litigating all outstanding issues through the normal court process.


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