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How to avoid unnecessary legal fees while getting divorced

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

Divorce is often a complicated and expensive process for many couples. By fighting about child custody, alimony and property division issues, some end up spending exorbitant amounts of money on legal fees. Fortunately, by avoiding a few common mistakes, couples in Florida can go their separate ways without breaking the bank.

Divorcing couples often disagree on various issues, and legal bills will only become more costly the longer these disagreements carry on. Although some issues may not be negotiable, by staying calm and flexible and avoiding unnecessary conflicts, couples can keep things simple while saving a large amount of time and money.

Divorces typically involve raw emotions and a significant amount of stress. Since attorneys are paid to handle the legal aspects of a divorce, they should not be relied on for emotional comfort. By working with a therapist or talking about important issues with a friend or family member, individuals can avoid racking up unnecessary legal bills. During the divorce process, couples are required to assemble a comprehensive list of assets, expenses and sources of income. Many people fail to properly account for all of their assets, and this can result in a less straightforward and more expensive process.

As an alternative to litigation, either mediation or collaborative divorce as a method of dispute resolution can be less time-consuming and expensive than arguing every issue in a courtroom. In a collaborative divorce, the parties involved forego litigation and instead work as a team with their respective attorneys in order to reach a desirable conclusion. In mediation, a trained and neutral third party will work with the couple in an attempt to facilitate communication with the goal of coming to an agreement.

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