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Divorce and therapy in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2015 | Divorce Mediation |

Florida spouses who are going through divorce may find that hiring the services of a mental health professional can be beneficial to understanding and expressing their emotions, talking through their problems and maintaining relationships. Mental health professionals can also provide mediation services for spouses who have children and are in need of assistance in laying the groundwork for custody and visitation arrangements.

A person should be able to trust their therapist or counselor and feel comfortable divulging personal issues and feelings so that a healthy approach can be taken when dealing with these matters. A spouse who is affected by mental illness may find that therapy during the divorce process helps them have a better ability to handle issues in a productive manner. Children of parents going through a divorce may or may not need therapy. A therapist can help a child understand their feelings and how to deal with them as well.

Other mental health professionals can help divorcing spouses discuss and negotiate matters involving a child. A custody mediator can help cooperating parents to reach an agreement regarding custody and visitation. A parenting coordinator can stand as the intermediary for minor issues and communication disputes as they arise between parents.

A spouse who has announced that they want a divorce, even if it is expected, can have great impact on the other spouse. A consultation with an attorney may answer any questions or concerns people in such a situation may have. If the spouse is in need of therapy services, an attorney may be able to refer them to mental health professionals that have experience aiding spouses going through a divorce.


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