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Miami Heat star’s child custody battle drags on

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2013 | Child Custody |

Dwayne Wade might star on a Miami basketball court by night. By day, though, he’s been the leading man in a Florida family law court, and his assets have been threatened as a result. His case has highlighted some of the difficulties associated with high-asset divorce, as he and his estranged wife have disputed over asset division and custody issues since filing for divorce in 2007.

Wade’s case continues to be held up, it seems, due to a contentious child custody battle. The high-profile couple was able to finalize their divorce in 2010, and Wade was awarded child custody in 2011. And, this summer, a financial settlement was finally reached in regard to the couple’s significant marital property. 

Still, Wade’s ex is continuing to fight for custody, according to a news report.

Wade’s case provides an example of the difficulty that comes in dealing with this type of highly contentious family law dispute. With child custody at stake, real estate on the table and business assets in play, divorce is a very complicated process.

Luckily for both parties, the financial matters are now behind them so they can focus solely on reaching a suitable child custody arrangement.

Many people who are undergoing complex divorces work with attorneys who can streamline the divorce process, coming to agreements with the other side outside of court to avoid the costs of litigation. Most divorces will never reach the high profile of Wade’s, but that doesn’t mean the average couple should go through a divorce without skilled representation.

Source: Huffington Post, “Dwyane Wade Divorce Fees Could Reach $10 Million: Report,” Aug. 8, 2013


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