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Florida couple’s ‘happy’ divorce draws attention

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2013 | Divorce Mediation |

A recent report tells the story of what can happen when a Florida couple decides to end a relationship amicably. It is the story of a seemingly rare happy break-up, where two people decide to divorce but do not spend years fighting it out in court. It is because they engaged in collaborative divorce, a process designed to work out details like child support and spousal support without the undue influence of the courts.

The couple in this report discussed how they had nothing to fight about, and because they agreed on so much, they were able to come to a settlement without the emotional stress of a contested divorce. The couple saved money on legal feels, and though each had his or her own attorney, the professionals worked together. 

This is the essence of cooperative divorce, and it is something that has grown much more popular for couples throughout Florida. By using divorce mediation, many are able to get to the bottom of their disputes before issues become more problematic. They make decisions on property division, and they come up with a plan to best suit the needs of any children involved.

Though it is hard to characterize any divorce as a happy time, the mediation process is making life easier on couples who go through the process. That is what one Florida couple found out recently, and it is something that all couples have an opportunity to take advantage of when they call on a lawyer with this set of skills. 

Source: The Tampa Tribune, “Kinder, gentler divorces take the bite out of break-ups,” Ray Reyes, Sept. 15, 2013


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