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Making smart divorce decisions

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Blog, Divorce Mediation |

Couples in Florida looking to dissolve their marriage may decide on an uncontested divorce or a collaborative divorce. These processes offer a relatively stress-free approach instead of a court-ordered divorce, which could grow into a volatile situation.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce can be a smart move. It entails the end of a marriage where there is no disagreement on how to manage the dissolution. With issues settled between the spouses, there is no need for litigation.

Why choose an uncontested divorce?

If both spouses see an amicable separation on the horizon, uncontested divorce makes sense for several reasons. The process is fast. Without proceedings, moderation, negotiations and hearings, you get to move on sooner than later.

Litigation in most forms gets heated, and the impact on the family can be crushing. Uncontested divorces avoid all the worst parts of separating. A progressive couple makes decisions that benefit everyone as opposed to letting a court enforce guidelines based on generic assumptions. An uncontested divorce is almost harmonious, which is invaluable if there are children involved.

In addition, it’s going to cost less. Dispensing with typical expenditures associated with a divorce, expect minimized expenses with everything from filings to attorney fees. Documents, especially financial instruments, remain private as well.

What is a collaborative divorce?

It’s not unusual for dividing couples to not agree on something. A collaborative divorce entails openly and continuously communicating, coming together to acceptable agreements. This can be done with counsel trained in collaborative divorce.

Many divorce proceedings are difficult because of a lack of communication and an inability to be realistic. Individuals hope to bend the law in their favor. An uncontested or collaborative divorce eliminates the worst aspects of settling how a couple walks away. For the progressive couple, it better prepares everyone for the next phase of the family’s life.


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