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Is mediation an option for divorcing spouses?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Blog, Divorce Mediation |

Spouses headed for divorce in Florida may have concerns about the process. A troubled marriage could bring tremendous stress, and those wishing to end the marital union may not want to go through equally anxiety-inducing divorce proceedings. An attorney may discuss options regarding mediation as a potentially preferable path.

Mediation provides a path outside of court

Spouses unable to agree on a divorce settlement might fear a long and drawn-out court case. Mediation may provide insights that result in the spouses agreeing. Often, an agreement between the parties leads to an outcome that results in a better conclusion than a court’s decision.

Court cases involve presenting evidence and arguing for the desired conclusion. The process takes time, and in many cases, a divorce could drag out longer than expected. Spouses wishing to move forward with their lives quickly may prefer alternate paths outside of court. Divorce proceedings also cost money, and the amount of money likely will grow exponentially when a case drags on in court.

Divorce mediation could involve discussions over a variety of issues. Spouses far apart on financial settlements, child custody visitation schedules and alimony amounts might find common ground during mediation.

Concerns about mediation

Mediation does not necessarily provide a perfect solution for all divorcing spouses. While mediation allows a court-appointed third party to discuss aspects for the parties to agree upon, couples shouldn’t expect a binding conclusion. The mediator may put forth insights and opinions to achieve an amicable conclusion, but the spouses still have to agree to it and get a judge to sign off on their settlement.

If the parties don’t agree to terms after mediation, then a return to court seems likely. However, mediation still might be worth pursuing to help the spouses find compromises wherever possible.

A family law attorney may be able to provide insights into the positives of dispute resolution options. An attorney might help clear up questions about the process and even serve as a mediator in some cases.


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