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Can a Florida spouse request a change in alimony obligations?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Alimony |

When a judge orders a spouse to pay alimony to their ex, they enter in a court order. While you may take that to mean that they cannot seek any changes to it, that’s not the case. Spousal support orders can be modified in most jurisdictions. The paying spouse must generally have a valid reason for requesting a reduction in support though. The recipient may also request an increase under the same premises.

If a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) clause is included in your divorce decree, then you are eligible for an increase in spousal support to help cover increases in your expenses.

You may also qualify to receive a portion of any increase in pay that your former spouse receives if you had an escalator clause included in your divorce decree.

Paying spouses may request a reduction in their support obligation if their ex begins cohabitating with someone else or becomes financially self-sustaining. Requests for modifications of alimony orders can also be filed in response to changes in the law or a paying spouse’s own cost of living goes up. If a paying husband or wife takes on a new dependent or becomes become ill or disabled, then they may also petition a judge for a modification hearing.

Court rules and Florida laws generally allow a spouse to request a modification of spousal support payments at different intervals. A spouse must be able to show proof that a change in circumstances occurred to justify a judge reviewing a case and potentially entering in a new order. An attorney can help you build a case for why you should have your alimony increased or decreased in your Fort Myers case.


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