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How is traveling with my child different post-divorce?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Child Custody |

Many parents in Fort Myers are planning to take their kids on vacation for the summer. While it may be easy enough for parents who are married to do this, a divorce can add a layer of complication if you plan to do this.

When moms and dads first split up, they often struggle to navigate sharing custody of their kids. This is often why disputes between the two of them arise. It’s often only once they work out a custody agreement that most fights die down. This legally binding document spells out where they’re going to live and how contact with both parents will be preserved.

These parenting plans also detail how far away from their home base that their son or daughter can travel. It may require a parent to keep their child within just Florida or the continental United States. It may spell out how both parents have to consent to a child applying for a passport or to international travel.

The parenting plan may also specify how much notice you must give your ex of any vacation plans. It may need to also contain details about how things will be handled if a holiday extends into the other parent’s visitation or custody time.

Even if your parenting plan gives both of you free reign when it comes to travel, you shouldn’t just simply take off with your child when you have custody of them. You should first research your destination to find out how they handle single parents traveling with their kids. They may need a letter of consent from your ex before they let you both in.

You should also keep your ex in the loop about your travel plans starting at the earliest planning stages. This will ensure that you don’t waste money paying for the trip only to find out that your ex objects to your plans. It’s also important for you to let them know that you’re going to continue having their child speak with them even while you’re away.

Children are quite observant. They can sense when their parents aren’t getting along, even if they’re not fighting in front of them. This can affect them emotionally and developmentally as they age. An attorney can help you establish or seek a modification of your parenting plan and schedule if it’s not working for you and your family.


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