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Resolving your divorce with mediation can be a win-win scenario

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Divorce Mediation |

When couples decide to pursue divorce mediation, they’ll often tell you that they chose it because of they’ve anecdotally heard that it’s less emotional trying on both them and their kids. While this is one of the advantages of pursing a mediated divorce, it’s only one of many benefits.

One of the reasons we all hear that mediation makes a divorce less emotionally taxing is because mediators are trained to allow both sides to voice their points of view. It’s then the mediator’s responsibility to take what the spouses each say and come up with a solution that essentially serves as a compromise between the two.

Mediation is also often said to be less emotionally taxing on a divorcing couple because they both have a hand in deciding the outcome of their case.

During mediation, couples take on a more active role in negotiating the settlement of their divorce. This contrasts greatly with a litigated divorce in which attorneys, as representatives for their clients, negotiate the conclusion of the marriage either among themselves or in open court.

Working together for a compromise helps the spouses learn to effectively communicate with their ex. This is one of the reasons that many proponents of divorce mediation will say that mediation is better for the kids.

If both parents are able to more effectively communicate and co-parent, then this causes less stress for their children, something that can help them have a brighter future.

Another benefit of mediation is that mediated divorces tend to get resolved a lot faster than litigated ones do. The average time it takes to wrap up the latter type of divorce is 18 months. A mediated divorce can take as little as 90 days.

Spouses who choose to mediate their divorce also tend to spend less money than those who choose litigation. Much of the price difference stems from the fact that mediated divorces are often goal-oriented and are resolved in very few sessions.

If you’re considering divorcing your spouse, then a Fort Myers divorce mediation attorney can advise you of the benefits of resolving your differences using this approach.


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