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Why those who hold military jobs have the highest rate of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

We’ve all long known about the ill effects that stress can have on our own health. Now, according to a recently released study, it seems if you’re under 30 and work in certain industries, then that stress has the potential to break up your marriage as well.

In a newly-released study, researchers analyzing United States Census Data found that the highest divorce rate among those 30 and younger existed among enlisted military officers. They have a staggering divorce rate at 30 percent. Among the worker groups with the next highest divorce group this age group, those working in tactical operations or air weaponry for the military, as auto mechanics, or in logistics also had high rates of divorce.

The connection between an individual being in the military and having a higher tendency to get divorced is clear. In fact, so clear that 3 out of the top 10 jobs most likely to lead a couple to divorce were military ones. In fact, among all divorced couples of this age bracket, 15 percent were in the military.

As for why military enlistment seems to carry such high risk for divorce, the researchers suggest that it has to do with the unique demands that are placed on their relationships. They note that soldiers are often called away from home for extended periods of time, that they receive inferior pay to other jobs, and that they’re constantly exposed to the threat of being propelled into dangerous situations.

In fact, another study, published in the Journal of Population Economics last year, found that couples that were forced to endure deployments as short as one month in length had particularly high divorce rates. Among the different branches, the Air Force had the highest post-deployment divorce rate at 14.6 percent.

Those in the Navy followed closely behind at 12.52 percent. The Marines and Army brought up the pack at 8.9 and 8.48 percent respectively. This same study noted that those soldiers who suffer from mental health issues after returning from deployments in either Iraq or Afghanistan were 20 percent more likely to get divorced.

If you’re considering getting separated from your spouse and you’re looking for guidance as to how to approach this new chapter in your life, then a Fort Myers, Florida divorce attorney can help.

Source: Market Watch, “Americans in this field have the highest rate of divorce by age 30,” Kari Paul, July 15, 2017


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