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Know points regarding child custody cases

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2017 | Child Custody |

We recently discussed what might happen if you are pregnant while you are going through a divorce. That is only one of the things that we can help you with in regards to child custody.

Whether you are pregnant, have a young child or are raising a teenager, we can help you learn about your options for child custody. You might be surprised at some of the options that you can use now. The old days when the only parent had custody of the child seems like a thing of the past now.

Of course, there are various factors that have to be taken into account in a child custody case. The main thing you need to know from the start of your case is that you can’t count on what someone else did to work for you. Each case is different and the child’s individual needs must be taken into consideration.

We understand that you might have some questions. We are here to help you get answers to those. We can also help you to explore different options, such as co-parenting or shared parenting, that you might be able to use to raise your child.

Another thing to consider is how you are going to come to the child custody agreement. You might choose to turn the case into the hands of the court; however, another option exists. You and your ex can work together to try to come up with an agreement that works for your child. The negotiations for this occur through child custody mediation, which involves the help of a mediator.


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