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Develop a plan for divorce mediation early in the process

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

Divorce mediation is a good way for you to have some measure of control over what is going to happen with your divorce. As we discussed last week, you need to understand the process before you head in for your first session.

We know that you might loathe the thought of having to work with your ex right now. This is understandable, but having to do this for a little bit might be the best option so that you can get your divorce over with quickly.

As you prepare for mediation, you need to remember that the process requires give and take. We can help you to think about each aspect of your case so that you can determine a starting point for the negotiations that leaves you room to negotiate.

Every point of the divorce is up for negotiation. This includes how you will divide debts and assets. Spousal support and child custody are also covered. Even child support can be determined during this process. You and your ex will have to be realistic and open to thinking about options that you might not have thought of until the mediation session.

As you work through the negotiations, you have to ensure that the agreement you end up with is one that the court will approve of. This is especially important in matters related to your children. We can help you learn the applicable laws so that your mediation efforts won’t be in vain. We understand that it would be disheartening to come to an agreement only for the court to say that the agreement doesn’t meet the legal standards it must meet.


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